At the Polar Bar…

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Well, we didn’t win the AmEx Battle of the Bands, but according to an insider (who shall remain nameless!) we weren’t miles off. The decision was based purely on who received the most votes from the audience, which inevitably meant that the act with the most friends/parents/pets won the day in a recording studio.

The collective attention of Left Hand Red is now focused on our upcoming gigs, the first of which is at Polar Central, Queens Road tomorrow evening. We’re supporting Southampton band Dead! Dead! Dead! on this leg of their tour (their first visit to Brighton).

We’ll be playing a longer than expected set, because the other supporting band, They Don’t Sleep, have to had to pull out due to a "perferated eardrum". Ouch.

Stick Cricket Controversy!

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For those who haven’t yet to experience the phenomenon that is Stick Cricket, go and play now!

For those familiar with the browser-sized sport, you’ll probably have had a go at the 10-over slog. This pits you against 5 bowlers for 2 overs each, and you have to amass the highest score possible. My best to date is 271-0.

This forms the basis of the leagues, which are user-managed invitation leagues. My league, Hove Actually, runs for 6 rounds of five days each, and is in its third season. Each round gives you five days to set the highest slog score possible, and points are awarded to everyone who sets a score. One point for each player in the league goes to first place, and each successive place scores one point less.

The current season features four teams, and as always has involved tight competition between myself and LHR drummer, Russell (aka. Pilfold). Last season I clinched a tied second place with five hours remaining, beating Russell by a gnat’s whisker. Dan Palmer (aka. iandisco), being the type of person who is good at everything, has a 100% winning record. You’ve gotta hate him.

So, what’s the controversy? Round 4 of the current season began Friday 4th, and Russell set his score of 271-0 over the weekend. That’s my best score, so I’d have to achieve my best result to beat him. I set about the task.

Then I discovered a significant change – they’d got a new set of bowlers! Some of the bowlers were easy to deal with, as they were similar in style to the previous ‘All-star’ team. However, other bowlers used a significantly different style, and will require plenty of practice to deal with appropriately. I limped to 232-2, nowhere near the target needed. Even Dan is at risk of losing his 100% record – he’s currently on 252-2.

They’ve skewed the playing field (kind of like Rottingdean’s cricket ground, which is quite slopey), and it looks like come Midnight tomorrow (the end of Round 4), Russell, who has a single-point lead over me in second place, will add two more points to that gap with two rounds left. My only chance is to beat Dan, a feat which no-one has achieved yet.

Grr! Still, there’s always next season…

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