Third demo nearly finished!

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Left Hand Red‘s new three-track demo, Voyeur (named after the first track), should be ready very soon. Dan is going to record an extra vocal, and after that it just needs a few tweaks to the mix.

We’ll be selling the CD through the website (I really, really better get cracking on that redesign) for a paltry £1, but it will also be available free to anyone who comes along to one of our gigs (while stocks last!).

We’ve agreed to charge for the CD to recoup costs, but to give them away at gigs, as anyone who comes to see us deserves something for their time (and hopefully it will encourage people down). No-one’s mentioned downloads, but as they don’t have any overheads, I will sneak them up on the site free of charge. :)

Return of the Redi

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It’s four months since Left Hand Red‘s last gig with Dead! Dead! Dead! at the Freebutt in Brighton. During those four months we’ve been hard at work recording our new demos, have written another (excellent) new song, and worked at making our existing songs even better.

On Sunday 6th August we come back with a bang! We’re headlining a ‘Sunday Spectacular’ Cable Club show, with three other bands also on the bill. After having to cancel a previous date (scheduled for today, as it happens), we’ve been extremely lucky to get another headline date just three and a half weeks later.

Not only that, but we have three of the four demos very near, if not at, completion. Hopefully we’ll have plenty more gigs lined up very soon.


Looks like we’re being resceduled! Probably Tuesday 8th or Wednesday 9th August.

Don’t be like clockwork

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The grit trucks are out in Hades — we may well have finished recording two of our new demos!

Singer Dan and I spent the bulk of yesterday evening producing the seventh mixes of Clockwork and Out of Focus (excluding the abortive attemps back in January), and we may well have nailed it this time. I’m going to attempt to add a bit of polish to the stereo mixes (I wouldn’t go as far to call it ‘mastering’), and they should appear on a band website and MySpace profile near you soon!

Still in the mixing stage are Against the Grain and Midnight Sun. The intention was to bring all four demos out together, but as Midnight Sun is proving a little difficult, we’re going to reveal them when they’re ready. That, and we’re getting impatient.

Dan has produced a scrapbook-inspired cover for the demo/EP, which is quite appropriate for the no-nonsense, do-it-yourself approach we have to our music. It’s going to provide the inspiration for a redesign of the Left Hand Red website, which has served its purpose, but is now getting a little stale. One project ends, another one begins…

Update—6th July ’06

Something just ain’t quite right with Clockwork. *sigh* Will this never end…?

New Demos on the Way… Again

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Yep, we decided to trash the previous recordings. They drums just weren’t right, and we’re a bunch of sulky artists perfectionists.

But the good news is that we went back in to the studio again last night, and have come out with some spangly new drums with a bit more care and preparation put in this time around. We’ve gone for a fairly raw sound (just four mics submixed and recorded to stereo) which should complement the songs well. As before, we’ve gone for Clockwork and Against the Grain.

I’ve not had a chance to listen back today with a fresh pair of ears, but I’m confident that it should provide a solid foundation for the first two tracks on our new demo. More news as we go along.

A big thanks to Lee from Best Left Dead for lending us the mics.

New Demos on the Way

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For a while the band have been feeling that our demos are sounding a little stale. With the exception of my contribution to the production of one of the tracks, I’m not on them, and they’re now approaching a year old and don’t really reflect how the sound of the band has changed since then. So, we’re currently in the process of recording some new ones. It’s very much a ‘homebrew’ affair – no expensive studios for us!

The four tracks we’ve chosen are the pick of our live set, based on our own feelings about the songs and also feedback that we’ve been given by people at our gigs. At the moment we’re working on the first two of those: Clockwork and Against the Grain.

The first step was to get the drums down, and after an abortive initial attempt we got a pretty good sound using four inexpensive mics. We had to use a bit of ingenuity as Russell’s trusty Tascam Minidisc 4-track recorder picked its time to expire – we’d intended to use it to record four tracks and later transfer them to my computer. Instead, the whole thing had to be mixed on the hop and recorded to stereo on location. We even roped in the main and monitor channels of the rehearsal studio’s PA to use as mic channels!

Afterwards, the stereo drum tracks were transferred to Garageband and aligned to existing MIDI guide tracks just to check them in context. Next on will go the bass and guitars, and then the vocals, hopefully in a slightly more organised manner.

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